Another season is here again.

2018 has been so big and so fast and so beautiful that it shouldn’t surprise me, but it does: can’t believe another season is here and September is almost over.

I’ve dabbled in quite a bit this year. Drawing daily, blogging weekly, camping every two weeks. Felt like my streaks were going strong but lately I’ve felt less enthusiastic about these endeavors. I can let go of them whenever I want to, to make space and energy available for other pursuits. I don’t need to maintain these habits solely for maintaining a streak if they no longer fulfill me. I realized, I’m growing! Old me would “should” all over myself and keep going just for the sake of consistency and Instagram posts. Current/”newer” me is allowing space to feel things out and not be rigid with myself.

For now, I will continue with my current interests because I don’t think I’ve squeezed all the juice out of ’em quite yet.

It amazes me how much we are able to adapt to new stimuli and grow our comfort zones. A year ago, I was shy to share my thoughts in a public forum. Two months ago, I was so nervous for my first camping trip – felt so unprepared, so “freshman,” so new. Now, both are completely second nature and I don’t even think twice to do them. This serves as a reminder to me to keep stretching, keep unleashing, keep doing things that scare me a little. That’s how I grow.

Maybe someday I’ll become super comfortable with surfing and skating at skate parks. Maybe someday I’ll backpack solo deep into the mountains. You never know! The big, great, unpredictable unknown is starting to excite me. 🙂

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