• I freaking love the outdoors.

    Always have. Hiking, the beach, anything physical and active and outside. I recently have fallen in love with camping! Did a solo road trip through Arizona and Utah a couple weeks ago. I wish I did this as a kid, but as an adult, I can gift myself whatever experiences I choose. Now that I’ve gotten a taste for it, I’m hooked.

    My brother joked that I went from basically nothing to full throttle in a short amount of time. It’s true. And it made me think about the rhythm of life. Falling in love with something can happen so quickly, intensely, and all-consuming-ly. I have a couple more camping trips already booked!

    We can’t always be full throttle with every area in our lives. But I can take the energy I feel for one area and apply it to other areas of my life. I can be more gung-ho about managing my finances, getting consistent with my nutrition, and starting a side hustle with my art.

    I think it’s important to know and honor when to speed up and when to slow down. When to be consistent and when to change things up. One of the reasons why I draw every day is honestly because I love signing my art at the end of it. I wrote about my signature at the beginning of my blogging days, and ever since my trip through the southwest, I’ve realized I can add another layer to my ambigram: I will carve my life, my life will continue to carve me into a beautiful and shapely being.

    Life has its ups and down, excitement and stillness, peaks and valleys. I would’ve loved to hike more today before heading home. My body actually feels amazing after yesterday’s grueling hike carrying the heaviest load I ever have… which I’m proud of, means I can handle the work! My knees, however, are a bit sore. I decided to do something out of character. I’m going to do nothing today. Slow it down a bit. I’m writing this as I finish up the last bit of firewood. Activity and motion are amazing, but so is taking my time and enjoying a different aspect of life.

    How can you change up the rhythm in your life? Can you transfer the energy you have in one area to another area?

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