When I was a kid, I’d often say, “I’m trying!”

As an adult, I’ve come to learn that words are our power. The words I use with others, and especially the words I tell myself. I no longer use that childish phrase. Now, I am honest with myself and more accurately use the phrase “I am doing my best.”

Our best can mean different things at different times. My caliber of work, performance, and attention varies when I am sick, versus tired, versus well rested and energetic. But if I am giving myself my very best every single day, then my life and my future will continue to grow and spiral upwards.

My goals and focuses lately have been pretty clear cut. They almost feel like writing SMART goals in grade school! I know very clearly whether or not I am hitting my mark. Which means I can very honestly fine-tune and adjust my actions to better align with who I want to become.

I always have a choice, even when things seem stuck or inevitable. When someone or when life itself requests something of me, I can accept, decline, or counter offer. There is always power to choose my thoughts and actions and craft my life as I see best.

What are you doing (or not doing) for yourself this season? Are you fulfilled with the results? If not, what actions can you take right now?

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