I wish I could work, live, and sleep outside.

But that’s not practical. I love being in nature. The wind in my hair, sunshine on my skin, and the feel of sand or grass between my toes always brightens my spirit.

I love this quote. Made me think: even in our modern world with beautiful architecture, nature is always providing for us. Yes, I love seeing parks within cities and more natural decorations in buildings. But nothing replaces “real” nature to me.

And when I can’t always make it outside, I am comforted by the fact that Mother Earth is always supporting me. Underneath all the roads, all the building foundations, all the concrete… if you go down deep enough, you’ll eventually hit dirt. Mama Earth is inescapable and ever present.

What is a constant in your life, even if you can’t always directly see it? How can you express gratitude for its presence?

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