Time and energy are finite resources.

I find this to be especially and painfully true during a long work week.Work, sleep, cooking, and workouts all need to get done. Lately, I’ve been finding it helpful to accept my reality for what it currently is. During the work week, I could complain and drag my feet to get things going at home. But this is a waste of time and energy. The things need to be handled whether I do them now and with energy, or procrastinate until I eventually get to them later.

Accepting my current reality is applicable in so many other areas as well. This photograph was taken at my cute Airbnb during my solo trip to Rome this April. Besides the rug being adorable, I’ve set it as my screensaver to remind me to be present (yes, presence, again!) with the here and now. Remembering the past and speculating about the future can be fun and/or stressful. But nothing can be done about them. Being present is good, but resisting the current reality is also futile. “It is what it is,” no matter how I spin it, so I may as well accept it and run with it. It puts me in the best position to move forward with clarity and a sense of purpose.

Looking down at where my feet are reminds me that action can only be properly taken when I fully accept my current reality. It is a waste of precious time and energy to fight and resist it. Denying the current “now” only gives me a skewed perspective that may lead to inappropriate actions. I can only change my reality if I acknowledge what my reality currently is. When my feet are planted firmly and solidly in the now, then I can move upward and strongly reach for the stars. Accepting reality puts me in the right framework and mindset to live big, be brave, and act accordingly.

What are you resisting? What do you need to fully accept? Once you have that framework, what actions do you need to take moving forward?

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