action expresses priorities

I feel good today.

I showed a couple coworkers this math trick to make things quicker and more simple for a complex problem. I forgot how much I enjoy teaching, training, and helping people understand different concepts and how to apply them in many areas.

I very easily could have just gone about my day, done the bare minimum, and let this one slide. But I knew it was important and that it would make the team stronger, so I prioritized spending time on teaching the concept. At work, I set very clear and strong boundaries and expectations. People know they can lean on me, and they know what they can expect from me. I am proud of the work ethic I execute daily.

Here’s the kicker that requires personal honesty and integrity: how’s my “work ethic” at home and in my personal life?

Am I setting strong, healthy boundaries? Am I prioritizing things that are actually important and not just urgent? If I break down how I realistically spend my time and compare it to my values and dreams, are things in alignment, or could they use some fine tuning? Are the things I’m DOING reflecting who I want to and know I can BE?

I believe we are always works in progress. I’m not done growing until the day I die. It is helpful to take stock periodically of how things are going, so I can adjust and redirect my path as needed.

I believe society in general praises good, honest work ethic in professional settings and in #hustling toward our external dreams. It is much more challenging, but I’d imagine rewarding, to apply the same, or even GREATER, honesty, integrity, and work ethic to our own inner workings.

I very easily could tell myself “just 1 more episode,” “just 10 more minutes playing on my phone,” “just 1 more cookie.” But lately I have been holding myself to a higher standard, and I will continue to grow with time. I’ve realized that if I treat my coworkers with respect, express healthy boundaries, and prioritize actions to grow their potential – I should be doing at the very least the same for myself. I should be pushing, growing, stretching, and loving MYSELF the most. I should always be my #1 priority.

I am growing in self-love. And I’m doing it by taking action that expresses myself as my #1 priority.

How can you express actions that align more with your personal, inner priorities?

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