sneaky comparison

Comparison is the thief of joy.

I’ve heard that a million times and try to practice it. You probably already can relate to how simple yet challenging that may be.

I’m working my way through Brené Brown’s work and just finished her amazing book, The Gifts of Imperfection. There are a ton of insightful, meaningful, and simple lessons to learn. I couldn’t recommend it more highly. One of the gems that stood out to me is that comparison is a paradox of “fit in and stand out.”

When we compare, what we are actually doing is judging and assigning value to things in the same category. I caught myself and applied it to my creative endeavors. I have this concept of bloggers and look up to a few of them. When I think about my blog, I am comparing and wanting to get to their level. I also have this concept of online “influencers” and doodle artists. When I think about my art, I am comparing and striving to get on their level. While I may take inspiration from other people’s creativity, what I am ACTUALLY doing is comparing myself to them!

What I am essentially doing by trying to reach other people’s level is limiting myself to the “category” they are in (blogs, art, social media). NO MORE comparing or striving to be like someone else. What I am going to start doing instead – just honestly and genuinely be the best ME there is. No labels. No categories. No trying to be the best version of blogger or version of Instagrammer or version of artist. Just me being brave and me being the best version of “me.”

How do you subconsciously limit yourself, compare yourself, and box yourself in? How can you unleash the REAL you?

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